Thursday, 2 June 2011

Musical Past

Everybody has songs that they loved when they were growing up, or songs that remind us of certain times and events. Here are a few that I love, some even before my time, hope you approve (of some if not all).

Growing up I absolutely loved ABBA, still do actually and would have to say they are my all time favourite band. No idea how I got in to them. This is my Dad's favourite ABBA song that he remembers from when he was 20 back in1977.

One of my Mum's all time favourite singers is the very talented Roy Orbison. I love this song and heard it quite a lot when I was growing up. Though to be fair there's probably quite a few of his songs I could have chosen. I love this simple black and white performance.

How's this one for a classic 80s track? I may only have been 5 years old when it reached number one in the UK for 5 weeks, but I remember it well.

To anyone who knows me personally wouldn't be surprised by my next selection. I was obsessed with The Spice Girls back in the late 90s. So of course I went to see their film at the cinema and this song was the opener to the film.

I am such a true 90s child...

I think I will always love Kylie Minogue, this song is so cheesy and it also reminds me of my primary school "girlfriend", Sarah. She still has my vinyl copy of this.

My all time favourite artist is Janet Jackson and although I knew of her beforehand, it's got to be this song made me fall in love with her...

One final song, reminds me of Dan ;-)

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